Zero waste at home and at school: Get your Hive Explorer now!
Zero waste at home and at school: Get your Hive Explorer now!
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Hive Explorer Sustainability School Set

Hive Explorer Sustainability School Set

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ships in September 2019

Start a sustainable ecosystem at your school in the class room with this advanced Hive Explorer Set!

What it includes :

  • 5 x Hive Explorer Desktop Mealworm Farm
  • 5 x Live Mealworm Starter Kit (only in supported regions EU, USA, China and Hong Kong)
  • 25 x Printed Hive Explorer Magazine
  • 5 x Replaceable Air Filter
  • 10 x Explorer Taste Pack (Wholesome Mealworm Powder + Mealworm Granola)
  • 5 x Science Experiment Pack (Magnifying Glass, 3 Petri Dishes, 2 Tweezers, & 1 Spoon)

  • a guided curriculum and exercises for 5 class or home lessons with exercises for download to print yourself as well as

  • a beautifully printed A0 poster that summarizes the Hive journey!

Shipping in September 2019! This product is protected by a patent.

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